WELCOME TO International Geeta Mission

INTERNATIONAL GEETA MISSION is a social, cultural, economic and philanthropic organization, working under the holy guidance of  Paramahansa Srimad BABA BALIA Maharaj.

Our Mission is stepping forward to awaken awareness of Universal brotherhood  through the philosophy of Bhagawat Geeta, to promote the consciousness about the Yoga & “ Indriya Sanyam Kriya” meditation, to establish charitable Medical relief for the poor people, to bring co-ordination among the difference cults and isms in society, to remove bigotry and blind believes from the society, to create environmental consciousness among the general public, to establish of Green Belts,  ecological parks and avenue plantations, to developed the financial status of financially weaker section of the society by establishing cottage industries, to serve and help to the forsaken old man and woman and to build up Care homes for providing food, shelter, and rehabilitation, to take care of cattle by establishing Goshala and to cope up the different programs of the state Govt. and National Govt.


His Holiness BABA BALIA, a house-hold name in Odisha, being the founder of International Geeta Mission in the State of Odisha, India which is a philanthropic and charitable Non-Government Organization, is a great social reformer, a pioneer environment list and a champion of Democracy, apart from being a multifaceted spiritual personality.


International Geeta Mission is doing a lot of multifarious social activities viz; Relief work for the flood-cyclone victims including rescue operations, free medical service through Rural Health Centre including Ambulance service, free education to poor students, free boarding and medical facilities to old infirm people etc.

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